MICT Tour Request

The Manila International Container Terminal is open for port tours every Monday to Friday from 0800H to 1100H. To request for port tours, please follow the rules and protocols below.



  1. All requests must be in writing and emailed to Ms. Encie Urdaneta at eurdaneta@ictsi.com .
  2. All requests must be submitted at least three (3) days before date of requested visit.
  3. All requests must include a COMPLETELY filled out copy of the MICT Visitorís Form.
    MICT Visitors Form (5.22 mb)
  4. Please address the request using below information:

    Commercial and Risk Management Department
    International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
    Manila International Container Terminal
    MICT Operations Centre, CFS2 Building,
    MICT South Access Road
    Manila 1012, Philippines

  5. Confirmation to the request will be provided within twenty four (24) hours via email.


  1. Upon arrival, visitors, as well as their vehicles, shall undergo standard security inspection by the Security personnel before entering.
  2. Security reserves the right to determine the parking area, search the vehicle and adapt all other security responses in a professional and courteous manner.
  3. Once security procedures are done, visitors will then proceed to the Administration Lobby to wait for the tour host and coaster. The coaster will then bring the visitors to the Reception Area for the processing of their terminal entry.
  4. At the Reception Area, visitors MUST present a printed copy of the MICT Visitorís Form. Only the names listed in the form will be allowed to enter the terminal vicinity. No Form, No Entry.
  5. At the Reception Area, visitors MUST ALSO surrender an official ID to be replaced with the MICT Visitorís ID and the required PPE. No ID, No Entry.
  6. During the tour, the Safety team will determine the route inside the terminal.
  7. Requested tours should not be longer than one hour.
  8. Visitors are not allowed to bring food and drinks into the terminal.
  9. Visitors are not allowed to take photographs or video recordings of the terminal. However, souvenir photos are allowed at the Viewing Area of Berth 6, G/F Operations Center and ICTSI Administration Building Lobby.



Click the photo to download pdf file of the Vicinity Map.


For more information, please proceed to this link Safety Rules and Regulations.

For further inquiries, please contact (02) 245-4101 loc. 2289.
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