Offering excellent front and back-end services, the MICT has evolved into a very important interchange between Philippine land and sea transports.
Vessel Name: CHAMPION   ATA:02/25/2015(02:10:00 AM)   LCT:23:10:00 PM • Vessel Name: BALSA   ATA:02/25/2015(23:10:00 PM)   LCT:20:10:00 PM • Vessel Name: APL JEDDAH   ATA:02/26/2015(20:50:00 PM)   LCT:17:50:00 PM • Vessel Name: ARICA   ATA:02/26/2015(23:50:00 PM)   LCT:20:50:00 PM • Vessel Name: XIU HE   ATA:02/27/2015(07:00:00 AM)   LCT:4:00:00 AM • Vessel Name: HYUNDAI STRIDE   ATA:02/27/2015(10:10:00 AM)   LCT:7:10:00 AM • 
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